Zomato controversial video, true or doctored?

Zomato controversial video true or doctored?

Recently been in major controversy, viral on Social Media and trolled by lacs of users was the Zomato Video which showed a delivery agent relishing a few spoonful of food from two packets that was to be delivered to the ones who ordered those.

There was mixed reaction of social media users, some being too harsh and asking for sacking of the agent and some showing sympathy with the agent.

The ones who wanted the agent to be sacked said, when he knew he would on the field for such and such time duration, then why won’t he carry his food with him. He has an assigned task of delivering the food from point A to point B and there cannot be any way to overlook he consuming that food, ordered by someone else.

Point taken? Yes, somehow.

The ones who were showing sympathy with the agent said, it’s just food and what if he grabbed a bite. The aroma of the food and the hunger must have lured him to do so.

Point taken? Well, not sure.

Because argument also say that didn’t he knew that’s his job and he has been doing that day in and day out.

But what I didn’t find anyone talking or discussing about was yet another aspect.

WHAT IF the video was doctored?

Wasn’t the whole video very conveniently shot?

As if the girl/guy who shot the video was just waiting with the phone/camera to shoot the video and he knew that the Zomato agent would be doing so and so stuff outside her/his building.

The agent was eating from an aluminium foil box, not really evident (in the starting of the video) that he was eating out of the packet given to him for the delivery.

What lured the person to continue shooting the video?

And how does one make sure that the video was authentic and not really a well thought plan executed in order to malign the reputation of Zomato by the rivals (and the agent well paid already that losing his job wont pinch him).


How are we sure that Zomato hasn’t done the same for publicity.

Any publicity is good publicity.

And negative publicity can increase the sales as it stimulates product awareness. (Again, the agent well paid in advance by Zomato so that when they fire him in order to gain public sympathy and to show that they have zero tolerance for such things, agent won’t bear the brunt).

Zomato knows public memory is very short lived and negative publicity gets washed off with time.

Let’s not just believe any and everything we see online as most of it COULD be doctored, be it here in the case of Zomato or any other incident for that matter.

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