Teens don’t feel the need to use Facebook!!

Facebook not a must anymore

Remember the days when we used to ask people, “Hey are you on Facebook?” or say “Facebook Me” as a newly found alternative to sharing Phone numbers? Well, those days are gone. Today, we expect everyone, by default to have a Facebook profile.

Facebook was started in 2004 and it’s been 14 years, more than a decade that people started using it on a regular basis. And over time, we have used it, got addicted to it, got rid of the addiction and now use it whenever we feel like.

People who have seen the rise and increased usage of Facebook while growing up are now in their early or late 20s and have grown to use Facebook as a tool for communication and sharing info to their friends.

But there’s a trend among the new age teens that they don’t feel the need to use Facebook let alone the addiction associated with it.

According to studies, the majority of Internet users of age 12-17 in the USA are not using Facebook more than once a month and that is an unexpected turn of events given that Facebook has been addictive to a generation of Internet users till now.

It even added “while 83 percent of social network users aged 18-24 will use Facebook in 2018, its share will fall to 81.5 percent by 2021.”

What’s causing this and why are Teenagers not using it anymore?

A survey suggests that this is out of the fact that many of these teens are seeing their parents use Facebook on a daily basis as a tool. This reduces the factor of ‘Novelty’ and ‘Exclusivity’ for teens that they crave.

Teens are now moving on to relatively newer and supposedly “Cooler” social networks.

The top players on this list are Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram saw a massive boost in usage numbers this year and announced that now Instagram has over 1 Billion Active Monthly Users and it shows that a significant amount of that is the age group of 13-24.

Indian Teens are not lagging behind as the trends are showing a similar curve on dropping usage of Facebook and surging of Instagram and Snapchat.

Though this trend is not that shocking because history can testify that humans love change and Facebook did not bring that change for a long time. Now, it’s to see, what’s the next thing the teens are going to move to.

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