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Women who have stood up to their abuser, you inspire us!! Who could not, you are not alone.

With Ex-Olympics doctor Larry Nassar pleading guilty to claims of sex charges with over a 130 women accusing him on various counts, one wonders where to put their faith when injured, or otherwise unwell. He was awarded 175 years in jail with Judge Rosemarie Aquuilinia stating “you do not deserve to walk outside of prison […]

One nation One tax- GST

GST (Goods and services tax) is an indirect tax applicable throughout India which replaced multiple indirect taxes levied by the central and state governments. Previously India was the land of taxes. GST replaced near about 15 indirect taxes on 1st July,2017. After years of waiting, GST finally came in action on 1st July,2017. “GST is […]

It’s all in the NAME

GOOD NEWS! Changing one’s surname is one of the most irritating work after marriage. Be it legal documents, social media, bank accounts, etc. everywhere it needs to be changed. Now, the good news is, our Prime Minister has given a gift to all the ladies out here in the nation. We may keep our maiden name […]

If you don’t have an iPhone,you don’t have an iPhone.

9th January,2007. The date which changed the smart phone industry. iPhone is the name. Steve Jobs (former CEO), had something new to unveil to the world on this date. Apple has been working on the phone since 2004. The new device was “iPhone” (Reuters). On 29th June,2007, Apple’s form factor of being a GSM smartphone […]