If your rape was inevitable, but you could avoid it by Jauhar, what would you do.

A lot has been heard, said, written and read after and before the release of PADMAAVATi.

Someone even went to the extent of writing at open letter to Mr. Bhansali claiming she felt like a vagina after seeing the movie. She felt like being reduced to a vagina – only.

She says, women have the right to live even after being raped.
Yes they have, yes we have.

But what she doesn’t realise is that what the movie portrayed was something very different.

First, let’s understand the difference between Jauhar and Sati.

Sati was a mandatory Hindu ritual followed by women after the death of their husband. They were FORCED to jump into the pyre of their husband believing that they will be with their husband in the after life.

Jauhar was the PREROGATIVE for Rajput women. It was done in groups where several Rajput women immolated themselves at once. Also, it could be performed before or without knowing whether their husband was defeated in the battlefield.

I am asking an open question to all the women today.
If you knew that your rape was inevitable, and you had an option of Jauhar (may be killing yourself in any other way) to avoid the rape, what would you do.

Let’s not make the term rape be heard and said so easily and simply, because ones who do that, they have absolutely no idea, the intensity of pain and trauma a rape victim goes through.
It kills every part of her existence, physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
It stabs her soul.

Try talking to a rape victim once, even the thought of the incident shivers them and their soul.
After the incident, they are surviving, fighting with themselves and the society and moving on.

But if they had an option, to avoid the rape by killing themselves, they would have chosen that.
I would have chosen that.

The movie shows courage of Rani Padmaavati and the rest of the women.

Its not about the 13th Century or today.

Every woman, has got the right to choose Jauhar for herself to avoid falling in hands of the enemy and lose herself to rape.

One thought on “If your rape was inevitable, but you could avoid it by Jauhar, what would you do.”

  1. Its absolutely true, being a women its too difficult to live in the society after being raped, because no matter what you do, society will always told you that because of your cloths, hair and makeup they raped you, they never consider victim as a victim, they consider her as guilt. Jauhar is second way which escape you from rape once and for all.
    The first meaning of JAUHAR is, create your fire land and jump into it, for the sake of your degnity.
    The second meaning of JUAHAR is, if your are still alive after being raped, then you have to answer each and every question asked by society, relatives, friends and other. you are actually living into the real jauhar coming from the people eyes.

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