Menstrual Hygiene Management

“The grim reality today is that one in three women hesitates in buying sanitary essentials at a store in the presence of other customers”.
The taboo around Menstrual Hygiene and Menstrual Awareness is one of the major reasons why women today end up using rags instead of Sanitary Napkins.
It’s not unhygienic to use cloth, but due to culture and unreasonable taboos, most women end up being denied access to clean cloth (and sunlight!) and dry their menstrual cloth in damp nooks and corner areas or under other clothes, as a result it makes them highly susceptible to infections.
For A Cause Charitable Trust has launched #ProjectJaanvi where we strive to bring in Awareness towards Menstrual Hygiene. We are launching what is called – Menstrual Hygiene Management – which is as important as any other management study.
Good menstrual hygiene practices needs to be talked about and discussed in the open for the sake of environmental sustainability and good health.
There is need to involve men in menstruation and have their involvement in spreading the awareness.
Also, in search of a readymade solution that fits all immediately, let’s not trade one evil for another.
A non-biodegradable disposable product with unnaturally long life cycle cannot replace lack of good menstrual hygiene practices and the silence surrounding menstruation. Eventually, what goes around comes around!
Keeping this is mind, we are also setting up a unit where we will manufacture low cost sanitary napkins, which is eco-friendly, safe and comfortable.
We shall strive to make the same available to women who cannot afford them or do not have access to them.
The three A’s – Awareness, Affordability and Accessibility being the thumb rule, let’s make all the genuine efforts and use all the available resources to make Menstrual Hygiene, a topic free from taboo and make sanitary methods of managing menstruation a reality.

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