Being Job Ready is one of the greatest challenge in today’s scenario.

Even after getting graduate, students are unemployed. Because they lack certain skills. Skills that can take you to stars.

Today we will talk about such neglected aspects that leads to rejection in your job interview.

1.Presentation and Communication.

This is one of the most important thing to be taken care of. How you look? How you present yourself? How you communicate? How well groomed are you? How fluent are you with your communication? All these are judged in the first 5 mins of your interview.

2.Your Resume.

Your resume is your identity. It is very important to have a good resume. That gives your first impact. One need to understand that it requires a different kind of resume for different jobs. One just cannot go for different jobs with the same resume. AND, the resume should always be precise and updated.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You need to be really confident with yourself and your answers. Your face and communication style, your attitude should reflect how confident you are.

These are the basic 3 qualities one must possess. Their are many such more qualities. Plenty of institutes have been set up everywhere which provides such courses that makes you JOB READY.

INVESTING your time and money in becoming job ready will provide you with the most satisfactory results.


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