It is important to LOVE yourself!

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Your mind, body and spirit.

We often are too busy in making a living that we forget the reason behind it. Why we work so hard? To give ourselves and our loved one’s happiness. But what if, we ourselves aren’t happy?

You cannot spread happiness, until and unless you are happy. In the same way, You cannot love others until you love yourself.

In today’s life, their is too much stress to handle for everyone. Men, women, teenagers, every age group is struggling with stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, and such other emotions.

Their are dark pages in everyone’s life, memories they don’t want to recall. Or feelings they cannot express.

All these pent up emotions causes stress, anxiety, in many cases depression. It is very important to heal yourself, to heal such emotions in order to avoid Trauma and Depression.

How to heal yourself?

  • Meditation – It is one of the best way to heal yourself.
  • Exercise – Keeping your body fit, helps you to some extent.
  • Eat Healthy – If you feel good inside, you will feel good outside too.
  • Get ENOUGH Rest – Adequate sleep is very much necessary for a healthy body and mind.
  • ART – It is the best way to express yourself.

In short, you just need to express all the emotions/feelings you’re hiding inside in order to heal. Express it to others by talking, using art, or express it to yourself by meditation and loving yourself.


For A Cause Charitable Trust” are coming up with a two-day free workshop in August,2017.

To make us aware about ways to release and use the pent up emotions to overcome unidentified trauma through Expressive Art Therapies.

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