If you don’t have an iPhone,you don’t have an iPhone.

9th January,2007. The date which changed the smart phone industry. iPhone is the name. Steve Jobs (former CEO), had something new to unveil to the world on this date. Apple has been working on the phone since 2004. The new device was “iPhone” (Reuters).

On 29th June,2007, Apple’s form factor of being a GSM smartphone started in the original version (which stayed as well). The fans named it as “Jesus Phone”. And this is how iPhone started having it’s fan following in the market and begun to take over the whole business area.


iPhone 3G in 2008, iPhone 3GS in 2009, iPhone 4 in 2010, and so on. Apple kept on making trademark in success one after the other launch. Today, 3rd July 2017, the latest release is iPhone 7+

They are also coming up with their new release this year,i.e., iPhone8. As this is their 10th year anniversary, they have something huge planned for their fans.

Started from the bottom, today Apple company is one of the most precious company globally. People die to work with them, having it’s shares gives immense pleasure of belonging to a reputed section in the world. Even the normal consumers feel prestige in having one iPhone. People get different kind of respect by having it.

All these things are earned by the company in the last 10 years. Warm gratitude to the company for giving us, such a device that says it all. “If you don’t have an iPhone,you don’t have an iPhone”-this says it all.

it’s not just a phone,it’s an iPhone.

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