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Gun Control and the United States of America

On Wednesday once again, the world woke up from its slumber to protest gun control and related violence in the United States when a 19 year old walked into the school he was expelled from and opened fire on students and teachers alike with an AR-15 rifle and multiple magazines killing 17 and injuring multiple […]

Film censor board in good hands now.

Film censor board finally in good hands now. The government reconstituted the existing board. The new members are Bollywood actor Vidya Balan, Tamil actors Gautami Tadimalla and Jeevitha Rajashekhar, author Narendra Kohli, director-producer Naresh Chandra Lal and Vivek Agnihotri, award-winning concert pianist and Hindi music director Neil Herbert Nongkynrih, National School of Drama director Waman […]

Be Job Ready!

Being Job Ready is one of the greatest challenge in today’s scenario. Even after getting graduate, students are unemployed. Because they lack certain skills. Skills that can take you to stars. Today we will talk about such neglected aspects that leads to rejection in your job interview. 1.Presentation and Communication. This is one of the […]

How to choose the right media for your Business

Advertising is surely the soul of any Business, but choosing the right media is equally important. Different media available are: Television Radio Internet Mobile Devices Print Publications Product Placement Direct Mail Sponsorship Other Media Outlets Media Outlets will continue to grow with new technologies coming up. What works for one, may or may not work […]

How your handwriting can change your life!

Graphology! How important it is when it comes to judging a person? How honest or reliable a person is? Is he happy? Or something is bothering him? Well, many such questions exists in everyone’s mind. But, the probability of honesty differs person to person. The answers are always hidden in their handwriting. Yes, it’s correct! […]

It’s all in the NAME

GOOD NEWS! Changing one’s surname is one of the most irritating work after marriage. Be it legal documents, social media, bank accounts, etc. everywhere it needs to be changed. Now, the good news is, our Prime Minister has given a gift to all the ladies out here in the nation. We may keep our maiden name […]