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Zomato controversial video, true or doctored?

Zomato controversial video true or doctored? Recently been in major controversy, viral on Social Media and trolled by lacs of users was the Zomato Video which showed a delivery agent relishing a few spoonful of food from two packets that was to be delivered to the ones who ordered those. There was mixed reaction of […]

Inviting you to accept the sustainable menstruation challenge

A single woman can generate up to 125 kg of non-biodegradable waste through her menstruating years alone. Knowing this confounding fact, it doesn’t take a genius to do the math to comprehend the waste implications of 355 million women – in India alone – who are generating so much of plastic waste that takes about […]

Women who have stood up to their abuser, you inspire us!! Who could not, you are not alone.

With Ex-Olympics doctor Larry Nassar pleading guilty to claims of sex charges with over a 130 women accusing him on various counts, one wonders where to put their faith when injured, or otherwise unwell. He was awarded 175 years in jail with Judge Rosemarie Aquuilinia stating “you do not deserve to walk outside of prison […]

If your rape was inevitable, but you could avoid it by Jauhar, what would you do.

A lot has been heard, said, written and read after and before the release of PADMAAVATi. Someone even went to the extent of writing at open letter to Mr. Bhansali claiming she felt like a vagina after seeing the movie. She felt like being reduced to a vagina – only. She says, women have the […]


Mahalaya, which marks the beginning of Devi-Paksha and the end of the Pitri-Paksha (the Shradh or the mourning period) is an auspicious day for Bengalis, who celebrate it with much enthusiasm. Mahalaya is observed seven days before the Durga Puja. This day also holds a special meaning for Hindus, who perform the ritual of Tarpan (offering). Men […]

Steps to achieve your dreams.

What are dreams? The one which you visualize while sleeping? NO! Dreams are the one which doesn’t lets you sleep. You defeat your own self without getting started, by thinking about all the negative stuffs. It’s very easy to achieve your dream, the only secret behind is to believe in it. Steps to achieve your […]

Importance of Giving!

Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life. – Bryant McGill Charity means giving. In cash, or in kind, fulfilling someone’s need. Why charity is important? The whole idea is helping the needy, but do you know their are some selfish approaches too? Not just the reward and tax write-off. […]